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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

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8 March

We thank you for the energy of your interest to us at 'Drugie Tantsi' (‘Other Dances’).

The fact that you visited our website rather than limiting yourself to a phone call hoping to obtain a quick comprehensive information, and also that while reading through our web pages, you now gradually, step by step are getting your own answers to the question about what we actually do with children at our school, already characterizes you as a responsible parent trying to solve an uneasy task for yourself, namely ‘In whose hands (meaning to what kind of teachers) are you entrusting your child? And for what purpose are you doing this?’

A child wishes to live a life a person is actually made for, i.e. joyful and happy. He is ready to go forward as far as it is only possible…

And adults can help him do that. It all depends on the ability to build up a dialogue correctly.

We at ‘Drugie Tantsi’create an atmosphere of trust and interest. We move actively, improvise, dance, work with speech and diction, share observations, analyze, learn to take responsibility… We get an experience…

We open ourselves up to the world.

We grow!

If, upon careful thinking on our above website information, your interest to our school has grown even stronger, please feel free to call us! at +38-056-371-0-971

I’ll be ready to answer your questions. We work in Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and Odessa.

Maryna Lymar
Artistic Director


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