Свободный танец

Angels in the City

Don't remember about your feet when wings are growing behind your shoulders…
Nikolai Rerikh

Name of Project: Angels in the City

To the City which has been granted the great mystery how To Love and Create.

…there was a strange glimmer of light above the roofs… and music… and whisper… and mesmerizing movement… and white feathers in the air…

It wasn't, actually, about the roof as it is (though, it certainly needs to be ruined!).

And the angels were quite normal. With wings (this is where the feathers come from!)… Actually, it all started with them. To be more exact, it started when some day a designer Dariya Belaia and a photographer Maxim Shkuropat saw their city anew. Well, it was that same city — with the rich historical, metallurgical and cosmic past. Still there was something else in it, that something which later on, when the photo collection was being created, got the name «Angel's Touch» granted to it by its authors…

Then this same «Touch» turned to be quite catching. The first ones who were lucky to have seen the photo collection (Centre of Contemporary Choreography OTHER DANCES and thier art director Marina Lymar) suddenly started hearing music in it. And ‘saw

the photographs of Angels in the City included in the air and the broken space of this same City. Don't cats and chimney-sweepers live over the roofs of Riga or, say, Tallinn? Don't artists and poets live over Monmartre roofs? Nothing special, just an inspired space under the stars. There's the place to grow, the aim to strive to, and what to listen to…

Genre: synthetic performance — photography + dance.

Aim of Project : widen the spectators perception in the process of an interactive performance, which combines different kinds of modern art, i. e. visual (photography) and performing (dance, music, word, improvisation) in a single thematic and emotional context.

Photographer: Maxim Shkuropat

Photo exposition idea: Dariya Belaya
Performance: OTHER DANCES Centre of Contemporary Choreography
Scenography: Marina Lymar
Choreography: Marina Lymar, Oxana Malceva
PR manager: Anna Gronskaya

Contemporary Dance Centre
Ukraine , Dnipropetrovsk

Maryna Lymar
Director of the DRUGIE TANCI Centre
tel:+38 — 056 -371- 0-971,

Anna Gronskaya
Tel: +38-0562 — 353-434

Post addres:
Ispolkomovskaya, 24
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrain 49000

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