Свободный танец

Life is a Dance.

The Dance within Time and Space…

We dance our Dance at home, with children, relatives, friends…

We dance in our professional life…

And we improvise every single minute.

Spontaneity and awareness, choice freedom and responsibility for our actions, ease and confidence in movements, managing space without limits, ability to get in contact, being open to new knowledge – all those are elements of improvisation and, at the same time, of the life harmony, which the children of the OTHER DANCE are taught to learn.

The most frequent question we used to hear is «Why is the school named OTHER DANCES ?»

On the one hand, using such a combination of words is easier to explain in brief the professional meaning of the process, i.e. that the dance techniques children of the OTHER DANCES Centre (starting from the age of 4) are being taught are NEITHER those of the ball dance, NOR belonging to sport dance.

We teach the techniques of jazz, modern dance, contemporary dance (i.e. worldwide accepted synthesis of contemporary dance techniques), hip-hop and break dance, as well as the art of improvisation and composition.

Alongside with the above dance techniques, the education programme includes the basics of classical dance, special physical training, vocal skills and creative design.

Nevertheless, setting aside professional terminology for a while, it is worth mentioning the other side of the process viewed to be of no less importance…

We often hear the impressions of the people of different professions and age groups after visiting our classes and rehearsals or being the viewers of our creative projects, claiming that in the “OTHER DANCES even the children are other (different).”

Definitely, our children are in love with the Dance with all the strength of the first feeling. Yet, they favorably differ from most of the kids of their age by demonstrating their inner freedom, life energy, hard working, clear thinking, independent evaluation, self-respect and sense of humor, as well as courage and ability to make non standard decisions.

By setting child’s body and mind free, paying particular attention to movement-music-space-partner improvisation, we teach the child most important things, i.e. how to listen and hear his own self and, at the same time, how to build positive relations with the surrounding world.

A person lives the life he chooses for himself.

When one takes the responsibility for his own life and takes control of it, here immediately appears the possibility to create one’s own compositions, where there’s always space for improvisation and, hence, for personal development and life transformation.

It is important to understand the Dance of the people around.

It is even more important to dance with joy ONE’S OWN DANCE.


DRUGIE TANTSI (OTHER DANCES) – is a professional educational institution which operates in Dnipropetrovsk since 1996 года and focuses on teaching children and teenagers the techniques of contemporary dance and improvisation.

There’re two tuition programmes in the Centre, i.e. professional and amateur.

DRUGIE TANTSI is an informational, educational and a producer Center, which mission is to popularize the genre of contemporary dance theatre in Ukraine.

For 6 years the OTHER DANCES Centre in close collaboration with KINOSISTEMA company and TV Regional Channel 9 have organized an annual International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance “Free Dance”, which is the only festival in Ukraine gathering in Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev the professionals of the genre from many countries of the world.

Pedagogical Staff:

Irina Panova

Oksana Maltseva

Natalya Shirokova

Olga Nazarova

Denis Turpitka

Director and Artistic Manager of DRUGIE TANTSI Centre, Director-producer of FREE DANCE International Festival - MARYNA LYMAR

Post addres:
Ispolkomovskaya, 24
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine 49000

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