Свободный танец


Alexandra Soshnikova & Sergei Golovnya

The collaboration between A. Soshnikova and
S. Golovnya started in 1997 within the modern dance group «Voices» headed by the choreographer Angela Doniy.
They’ve been working as a duo since 2000. Thed dance, improvise, teach and make choreography, travel and organize international projects and a festival in Moldova together.

Teaching activity geography:
Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria.

I dance as long as music plays…

Improvisation performance

Choreography, dance – Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnya.
However sad it may be, there’s a certain pattern of how relationships progress…
Life improvises with our relationships depending on the way we are…

We, in our turn, «dance» our life in a way we’re ready or wish to at the moment…

That is why our performance is structured within the strict frame of pictures succession, still is based on free performing improvisation.

«We have to go through our desire and unwillingness to be together.
But we should keep dancing by all means....
Don’t stop…
As long as music plays – Dance!» ………….

Music authors: Up Basteleand out  &Richard Egiies, Emil Kusturica

Text: H.Murakami

All Participants

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