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FREE DANCE International Festival

The Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine


an International Creative Project




19-23 April, 2007


  • Integrated company November Dance Company (Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Centre of Contemporary Dance and Performance Other Dances (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)
  • Participants of a specialized workshop on contact improvisation from different regions of Ukraine

Project Mission

Set up a creative laboratory of dance improvisation, which would offer equal opportunities to people of different physical abilities, different nations and religions, different professional status, including adults and children to participate in it.

It is a matter of a real widening the borders of a human CAN DO IT, of removing the artificial borders and differences among the people, of searching for a very subtle substance, i.e. a true contact with a partner both in a dance, and in life.

A human being can and should be an active participant of a creative process in art, searching how to express himself in a dance, NEGLECTING THE LIMITS OF HIS PHYSICAL ABILITIES AND CONSTANTLY STRIVING TO GO BEYOND THEM.

It is in our power to make such an understanding of ABILITIES WITHOUT BORDERS a measure of how civilized the whole spectrum of our public and personal life is.

Growing among the Ukrainian community (starting with children and teenagers) such an approach to communication with people having limited abilities is one of the most important priorities of the Project organizers.

Project Programme

  1. Workshop-laboratory of contact improvisation. Teachers: Hai Cohen, Alexandra Shmurak(Israel)
  2. Performance "11,711 Stone Steps At Nikko" of the November Dance Company theatre(Israel)
  3. Project presentation: press conference, discussions, interviews.

Post addres:
Ispolkomovskaya, 24
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrain 49000

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