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Compagnie ACCRORAP

Compagnie ACCRORAP dance has gained its specific character and originality in search for authenticity through inner collisions and conflicts. This has given rise to constant movement and evolution.

ACCRORAP dance encompasses intricacy and simplicity, modernity and tradition, backstreet and conservatoire, Europe and Africa, East and West, spontaneity and predictability.

Compagnie ACCRORAP was created in December 1989.

For Kader Attou, Eric Mesino, Mourad Merzouki and Chaouki Said from Saint-Priest, blocks dancing has become a positive way of self-expression. Through break dance, they have become acquainted with pop-culture philosophy. These dancers seek their own style in combination with acrobatics and street-dance in creating an original choreography.

In 1993, Compagnie ACCRORAP became professional and in 1994, they made their first appearance on the stage at Leon dance festival (biennale) with ATHINA performance, music by Anrie Fouraie. That year, the Compagnie began their cooperation with Jilles Rondot.

In 1995 Mourad Merzouki left the group and within several months created Compagnie KAFIG along with Najib Guerfi and Marion de Castellan.

In 1998, the Compagnie gave up their collective creation principles and Eric Mezino and Kader Attou became choreographers and created their own projects.

Franco-Algerian project DOUAR

Choreography, artistic direction: Kader Attou

Scenography: Jilles Rondot

Lighting Design: Fabrice Crouzet

Music: Manuel Wandji

Costume design: Nadia Genez

Staging: Romaric Bourgeois

Dancers: Kader Attou, Abdenour Belalit, Mabrouk Gouicem, Brahim Bouchelaghem, Salem Mouhajir, Amine Boussa, Amine Aliouat, Fouaz Bounechada, Abdallah Hireche

Production: Compagnie Accrorap, Centre Chorégraphique National de Belfort.

Support: Région Franche-Comté, Ministère de la Culture - Drac de Franche-Comté, AFAA.

Douar performance is a cooperative creation of French and Algerian hip-hop dancers. Their encounters during their Algerian year in France helped them combine their artistic views and gave Kader Attou an opportunity to visualize his dream in dance, a dream that comes from the Mediterranean shores. The dream of freedom…

The performance is about tracing one’s roots, seeking motherland, uneasy collisions, loneliness, disappointments and the difficulties of people who share two cultures.

The Press:

“In Douar performance, Kader Attou worked as a choreographer with young Algerian and French dancers of Algerian origin. No emigration clichés. The performance is created by the vivid language of choreography, created by a person who from 1989, when the Compagnie was created, used hip-hop language to speak about acute social problems.”

Marie-Christine Vernay.Libération

“The abstract line and abruptness of break dance gains an amazing strength and integrity against traditional Arabian tunes. Hip-hop dancing which originated as a dance for a few has become a collective power, united by the necessity of fast action and cooperative resistance.”

Rosita Boisseau. Le Monde

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