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November Dance Company

November Dance Company is a branch of Vertigo Dance Company  

The company leader, Mr Hai Cohen, began his involvement in dance in Veritgo’s workshops and «The Power of Balance» performance.

Since then, together with Tali Wertheim (which is a sister of Noa Wertheim, the artistic director of Vertigo Dance Company, and Rina Wertheim, a dancer in Vertigo Dance Company), they lead many mixed ability workshops.

Their first choreographed work was «Intimate Duet With Video». The next work they made is the one to be presented in Ukraine , i.e. «11,711 Stone Steps At Nikko», inspired by Haiku poem’s spirit and structure. Choreography — Hai Cohen, Tali Wertheim & Maya Resheff, 25 min. duration.

The touring company to participate in the FREE DANCE Festival in Ukraine will include Alexandra Shmurak, who has been dancing in Vertigo Dance Company since «The Power of Balance» in 2001 and until recently.

Hai Cohen and Alexandra are about to spend a month in Ethiopia from the end of February to choreograph a 50 min. work for «Adunga Dance Company»’s 25 integrated dancers.

Maya Resheff is a dancer in Vertigo young dance company.

Hai Cohen

Born in 1972 in Jerusalem. In 1986 became paralyzed from the chest down following a sharp jump into the shallow water of a swimming pool which tore his spine. During an army service was a music editor at «Galie Tzahal» radio station. In 1993 studied Philosophy at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. In 1999 Hai graduated from The Sam Spigel Film & TV School — Jerusalem, in which have made three short films. In 2002 Hai Cohen made a full length documentary film -"Mukanda Model". In 2005 he was the editor of a full length documentary film — «The Circle».

In 2000 Hai Cohen got involved in mixed ability dance workshops in Israel with the Vertigo Dance Company. In 2001 he was invited by Vertigo Dance Company to take part in a new mixed ability work, named «The Power Of Balance», choreographed by Adam Benjamin with the dancers. The work had more than 50 shows in Israel and abroad (New York, Italy).

Since 2002, along with Tali Wertheim, Hai Cohen have lead mixed ability workshops, classes and different projects for adults, youth and children in Israel and abroad (New York, Pittsburgh, North Ireland, Latvia).

In 2004 Hai Cohen had co-choreographed and co-performed with Echo Echo Dance Company from North Ireland a work named «Translation». In 2005 Hai had co-choreographed and co-perform with Tali Wertheim a work named «Intimate Duet With Video».

In 2006 Hai Cohen had co-choreographed and co-performed with Tali Wertheim and Maya Resheff, a work named «11,711 Stone Steps At Nikko» . This work had the premiere at Riga, Latvia dance festival «Time To Dance».

11,711 Stone Steps At Nikko

Along this road

Goes no one

This autumn eve


This performance is inspired by Haiku poem’s spirit and structure.

Choreography — Hai Cohen, Tali Wertheim & Maya Resheff.

Duration:25 min.

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