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Contemporary Dance group QUADRO (Gomel, Belarus)

Founded in 1994

QUADRO is participant and prize-winner of the international festivals in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine and France. QUADRO has carried out a number of international modern dance projects with dancers, teachers and choreographers from Russia, Ukraine, USA and Moldova.

The main course of work of the company is Contemporary Dance.

"Aslamova's works are marked for their originality, hidden philosophy and surprising moves".

The "Gomelskie Vedomosti", January, 20, 2007

"Aslamova's works is an unfolding ball of sensations. Her choreography is all implicit…"

"Kultura", November 18-24, 2003, Dnipropetrovsk

"Inna Aslamova's dance piece, dedicated to the magnificent Mark Shagal is such a subtle, refind, intelligent dance with dominating blue and red, with the struggle between dynamics and emptiness, a dance into which you stare with your eyes wide open, so that not to miss anything, so that to experience every emotion, feel through it all and understand every bit of it."

"Gomelskaja Pravda",September,9, 2006

"Roses and Mimosas"

(dedicated to Mark Chagall)

Choreographer: Inna Aslamova and dancers.

Music: Ully Hanel,Philip Glass,Benjamin Fondane,A.Goraquer,Alexei Aigui.

Length: 26 min.

This piece was created through the initiative of the director of the Mark Chagall Museum in Vitebsk, Ludmila Hmelnitskaya.

The choreographer Inna Aslamova studied the artist's life and his works. Her personal impressions laid the basis for a dance piece, that is neither a narration of the facts of Shagal's biography, nor a story with some real characters. It is just an attempt to play with Shagal's images and space. It's a reflection in dance of the choreographer's personal experience from discovering the unique spirit of the artist.

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