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Darya Buzovkina (Moscow, Russia)

Since she was six, Darya has danced at the Pioneer Palace of Lyublinsk district in Moscow. In 1988, she entered Moscow Choreographic High-school. During her study years, she took part in performances at Tabakerka Moscow theatre. After graduation, she worked in the Kremlin ballet troupe.

Since 1999, she has been acting in all performances by Sasha Pepelyaev’s project KINETIK with her own choreographic creations. At the same time, she has been working with such projects as Minima and Po.V.S.Tancy. From 1999 on, she has been teaching at the Chamber ballet known as Moskva.

Her choreographic creations include:

Solo: PROSTO (Simply); SROK GODNOSTI (Shell life).

Duets: SOSTOYA IZ NIX (Consisting of Them); VSEGDA (Always); KAK SEICHAS (As It Is Now) SNEG (Snow); and trio V-TRETYIH (Thirdly).

Participation in festivals: Tceh (Moscow); Evolusioon (Tallinn); Sol.East and D'Est en Oues (Paris); Dublin Fringe Festival (Dublin); Sojsky Karagod (Gomel); Tanz im August (Berlin); Capital D, (Newcastle); and Youngblood (Great Britain).

In 2006, at the invitation of DANCE THEATER WORKSHOP, Darya Buzovkina took part in a New York - Russian/American project.

Darya has studied the techniques of modern dance, composition and improvisation at master-classes by: Maria Malony, Viky Shick, Tiffany Mills, Andrey Andrianov, Yana Tumina, Marika Hedemy, Fiona Millwards, Fin Walker, Lisa Rice, David Zombrano, Vim Vandekeybus, Alexander Pepelyaev, Lisa Torun, Jenifer Nudgent, and Bruno Chassray.

Taras Burnashev (Moscow, Russia)

Taras Burnashev was born in Norilsk in 1967. After graduation from Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation in 1990, Taras enrolled in the Class of Expressive Plastics under the direction of Gennadiy Abramov at Anatoliy Vasilyev’s School of Dramatics. In 1992, upon graduating from the Class of Expressive Plastics, Taras became a member of the troupe and took part in all their performances until 1997.

Taras travels a lot in Russia and Europe. He initiates and takes part in many projects which include research on improvisation and choreography. Taras works with artists, musicians and designers.

In 1999, together with other graduates of the Class of Expressive Plastics, Taras organized the Po.V.S.Tancy company.

Since 2003, Taras has worked as an outside choreographer in many theatres. He created his own project called Taras Burnashev and Dancers.

Credits of his staging include: Transient Loneliness Syndrome performance by the Kipling dance company; Do You Like Peeping? with Moskva chamber ballet dancers; Snow, Find 8 differences, and A Gift for the Bride in cooperation with Darya Buzovkina.

In 2005 Taras and Dasha took part in a demonstrative program of the FREE DANCE festival with their “Snow” performance.

Taras Burnashev & Darya Buzovkina (Moscow, Russia)


Choreography/ Dance: Taras Burnashev, Darya Buzovkina

Music: Patrick K-H, Vladislav Fadejev

Stage design: Taras Burnashev

Costumes: Darya Buzovkina

Video: Patrick K-H

Duration: 40 min

“Every person has some features of the opposite sex. This leads to a particular combination of possibilities.

Since me and Darya are of opposite sexes, in some situations one of us has more female features and the other more male. This serves as a ground for experiment,” says Taras Burnashev about his and Darya`s performance - Find 8 Differences.

The initial idea was the following: Darya creates a solo for Taras and collects her ideal views of a man, Taras makes a solo for Darya and tries to show his ideal perception of a woman.

FIND 8 DIFFERENCES consists of 8 parts. The structure is close to a kaleidoscope. Shake it up and the image changes. Each part consists of a new combination made of the same fragments. The audience watches different views of the same couple. Life’s like that…

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