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The Festival’s main research and interest object is Free Dance:

  • bying with its lack of preform, relieving the spectator of the plot suppression, arousing thoughts, emotions and creativity,
  • building up the capability to think independently and openly, the ability to enter any progressive processes and communities in a civilized way, while preserving an originality and respecting the neighbourhood rights.

Developing such consciousness priorities in the Ukraine’s younger generation, who are the carriers of the present and the future national culture is viewed by the organizers as the mission of the International Festival “Free Dance”.

The idea to set up a traditional festival of contemporary dance and performance in Dniepopetrovsk was the result of a fruitful cooperation of the Other Dances School, the Embassy of France in Ukraine and the French Cultural Centre. The first joint project which gained great public success was the tour of the French company ALAMBIC in autumn of the year 2000.

I Festival FREE DANCE (November, 2001)

The programme included the performances of the French company AZANI and the OTHER DANCES School, as well as Fred Bandonge’s master classes on contemporary dance techniques. Within the framework of the Festival, for the first time there were comboned both spectacular and education&creative programmes in the genre of contemporary dance and performance.

II Festival FREE DANCE (November, 2002)

The programme included the performances of the following participants:

  • Christine Bastin Company (France)
  • Twoinone Company (Austria-Hungary)
  • Aura Dance Theatre (Lithuania)
  • Other Dances Theatre (Ukraine)

Within the framework of a creative programme, Mikaela Pine (Austria) & Akos Hargytai (Hungary) worked together with the OTHER DANCES students at creating the improvisation performance which was later on shown at the “Literaturnoye Pridneprovye” Museum and became one of the most extraordinary festival events. The OTHER DANCES School graduates, who are the Theatre dancers, together with Michel Abdoul, Christine Bastin Company’s dancer and choreographer, became the members of the joint creative project “Between the Two”. Five of their joint duets were presented to public at the Festival’s gala-concert. II Festival FREE DANCE gained the support of the “Vidrodzhenja” (Soros International Foundation).

III Festival FREE DANCE (November, 2003)…

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