Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre Russia

The theatre was established in 1992 on the basis of an amateur group. Its organizers and inspirers were Vladimir & Olga Pona.

The theatre has passed a hard creative path. Today this is a renowned original group with an extended and a diverse repertoire, comprising mono act and miniature performances.

The theatre participated in a series of regional, national and international contests:

  • Vitebsk International Contemporary Dance Contest (Bielorussia)
    • 1997 special prize
    • 1999 1st prize
    • 2001 laureate
  • International Contemporary Dance Contest (Kalish, Poland)
    • 1999 1st prize
  • 2000, 2002 Nominee for the Golden Mask theatre premium
  • 2001 Holder of the Golden Mask national theatre premium in the nomination Contemporary Dance Theatre.
  • 2003 Holder of the Golden Mask national theatre premium.

The theatre also took part in international festivals in Dusseldorf (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Nice (France), Seoul (South Korea), Kalish, Bytom, Lublin (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania). The theatre is a regular participant of the Russian dance platform at the ջ Festival (Moscow) within the framework of the International Choreographic Meetings in Seine-Saint- Denis (France).

Phone/fax: 3512-340471

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