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Taras Burnashev & Darya Buzovkina

Darya Buzovkina

Daria Buzovkina is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Moscow. Daria started her dance career at the age of 6 in "the Pioneers Palace" in Moscow. She studied dance at the dance studio of the house of Culture ZIL, at Sretenka dance school and at Moscow Ballet Academy (1993-1998). Being the student of the ballet academy Daria performed in the play "More Van Gogh" in Moscow Tabakov theater. After graduation she worked in the State Kremlin Ballet for 6 months. She joined the project "Kinetic" in 1999. Since then Daria has participated in all the perfomances and festivals. Her own original works were used in the perfomances "One Second Hand","The list of illusion", "Qu'est qu'une ulve?", "Not There", "There, where jasmin never stops blossoming" and “The Nest of Choou”. She participated in the project of young independent choreografers and worked with the company "P.O.V.S.TANZE" in Moscow (2000).

She took classes from Maria Malony, Viky Shick, Tiffany Mills, Andrey Andrianov(composition),Yana Tumina(Axe-theater)-(laboratory), Marika Hedemyr (Laban-composition), Fiona Millwards, Fin Walker, Lisa Rice, David Zombrano, Vim Vandekeybus, Alexander Pepelyaev(composition), Lisa Torun, Jenifer Nudgent, Bruno Chassray, etc.

Since 2000 she has been teaching contemporary dance in the Moscow Shamber Ballet. Her own works include a solo works "Just..." (premiere-05.05.01) and “Itself” (premiere-04.06.02), a trio "Thirdly" for Chamber Moscow ballet (premiere-18.03.02), “Best Before” (premiere-15.12.02);duo “Always as now” with dancer Eugenia Yakimova and “Snow maiden”(15.03.2004)with dancer Taras Burnashev from "P.O.V.S.TANZE",”All the best!” for studio of contemporary dance ”Dance M” (Krasnoyarsk.Russia)-premiere-06.04.04.

With her own project Darya has taken part in the festivals: TSEH, Moscow 2001 and 2002, Evolusioon, Tallinn 2002, The International Festival, July 2002 and D’Est en Oues, Paris Dec 2002, Dublin Fringe Festival, Irland 2002, International Festival, Gomel, Belarus 2002. Dancespaceproject,New York,2003.