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Ballet Prague Junior


BPJ is a chamber company consisting of 14-16 students of DCP at the doorstep of their dancing careers. The origin extends into the 60's - at that time an underground ensemble and later attached to Charles University, eventually evolved into an artistic group of 'young dancers' following the examples of Haag, Paris and Barcelona. The present name originated from the great respect to the famous 'Ballet Prague' and a generation of artists who brought contemporary dance to Czech stage.

The repertory starts in the workshops during international festivals, Nyon, London, Paris, Aberdeen, Tropea, New York, but also Valtice and foremost Prague.

Already a few generations have passed through this company beginning with Jiri Kylian and Vlastimil Harapes including Petr Zuska, Jan Kodet and other young artists from conservatories in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava, Warsaw, Lodz, Gyor and Pecs who in the last decade produced 16 original works in the whole length of 12.5 hours. Home choreographers: Ivanaka Kubicova, Petr Zuska, Jan Kodet, Pavla Konigsmarkova, Vlasta Schneiderova, Antonin Schneider and foreign choreographers: Bruce Taylor (USA, France), Derek Williams (USA), Alesandro Matta (Portugal), Attila Egerhazi (Hungary), Michael Popper (GB), Rui Horta (Portugal). Also music of pieces is "postmodern": from Bach to Cage or Part.

A quality junior company - based on the energy and enthusiasm of youth as well as professional work - can create a very interesting dramaturgical line, especially there where traditional "theatres of stone" cannot afford that for many reasons. Lower costs, simpler production and technical conditions open a way to smaller regional theatres, cultural centers and even to schools. The company is very mobile and can satisfy social and commercial demands outside the theatre premises.

In the 60s - 80s we were desperately seeking help in the Western Europe, in the 90s we were free to develop the ways of underground. More people are interested in dance art and the demands of authors are getting bigger, but sometimes the quality and high demands of contemporary art are drawn in commercial impulses and modern waves. This is the reason why we should do our best to bring up a new professional art generation and promote, "market" dance art and esthetic dance education in general and attract attention of new audiences.