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Вам никогда не удастся создать из детей мудрецов,если вы будете убивать в детях шалунов...

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Nice People or What does "delicaсу" mean?

Life goes on - empires die, spaces fold like a shagreen skin, the ideals seemed to be immutable before, bring a grin on faces today.

Having stepped on the path, we already can't stop, raise a head and look up in the sky, as we did in childhood. We lose sincerity and openness. We're getting used to lie.

Our performance is about overcoming an animal inside ourselves, about the fear leading to rejection, about a permanent, hard and painstaking process of being aware of the presence of the other one next to you who is different, radically dissimilar, but who just like you has the right to have his own viewpoint, vision, saying ... About the talent of seeking a compromise, the ability / inability to display tolerance toward a manifested intolerance.

Conceived and directed by Marina Lymar Choreography: Marina Lymar & performers
Music: Rene Aubry,Clint Mansell,Jan A.P.Kaczmarek

Performers:Anna Volkomor, Anastasia Kuzmichova, Natalia Borozentseva, Iryna Kifa, Yuliya Mirovs`ka, Veronika Merkulova, Yullya Tvorilova,Yuliya Palamar, Alexandra Litvin.
Costume design by DOMANOFF

What do we mean when we say 'delicacy'?
What's the nature of the quality so rarely met in today's world?
To stay alone, or make a way to someone else's 'ego'?
Where do the limits of the self extend and where do the social bodies of group and community begin?
How do we understand and position ourselves as individuals?
How do we exist, identify and interact?

The creative Lab investigating via body plasticity how people communicate in society, was conducted by Marina Lymar in Odessa in July, 2010. The participants, a group of young ukrainian professional dancers who developed their serious interest in the feild of the physical theatre and performance, met Marina Lymar a year ago during her creative residancy organized in Odessa by Katerina Adiseva.
Within 2010, three more of movement research projects were successfully organized in Odessa and Kiev, their aim having been working at basic skills of the dance techniques,embodiment practice, as well as an introduction into the new and so far very little researched by the most trainees sphere which is a movement improvisation.
A joint creative search gave life to a new professional community - UviMkneni physical theatre.
We are grateful to the generosity of the individuals and organizations who have allowed us to use their experiences and contributions in the making of this work.


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